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2016 League of Legends World Championship Comes to America

The 2016 League of Legends World Championship hits North America this fall, taking place in four major cities across the continental U.S. It’s the third year where the World Championship is taken place in multiple cities. In 2014, the championship took place in countries across Asia. In 2015, Europe. Now, world-renowned teams are coming out west to vie for fame and fortune once again..

The LOL website bills this year’s championship as “the ultimate U.S. roadtrip,” which isn’t an understatement considering the expanse of road between the event locations.

Teams who qualify for the finals will travel coast-to-coast over 5,000 miles (probably not, however, by car) to eventually (i.e. hopefully) compete for the Summoner’s Cup at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The schedule currently stands as follows:

  1. Group Stage, San Francisco, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (9/29-10/2, 10/6-9)
  2. Quarterfinals, Chicago, The Chicago Theatre (10/13-16)
  3. Semifinals, New York City, Madison Square Garden (10/21-22)
  4. Championship, Los Angeles, The Staples Center (10/29)

Californians can rejoice with the knowledge that their state gets two events. Others may balk at the fact that Middle America is largely ignored, but hey, there’s a definite logic being applied here.

Less eyes will be on the group stage, making San Fran, a hub for the tech-savvy, a good place to start drumming up excitement. The following stages of the championship travel to subsequently larger cities, L.A. being the most populated. So it’s kind of a matter of giving more people a chance to get involved while also ensuring the events get the attention they deserve.

Ticket information for the events should become available some time this summer. The League of Legends blog officially announced the championship tour on February 16th.

Source: LoLEsports.com