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Presenting Let’s Play Live: The North American Tour!!

(Update: Thank you all that participated in this April Fool’s prank. I hope you all enjoyed it. I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone. This is a goal I’m trying to achieve!)

It was so hard to keep this a secret!! But I’m so exited to announce Let’s Play Live! Mike and I going to be touring all over America playing YOUR favorite games on stage! You control the show! You are part of the show! Let’s build a great community!!

For the past few years I’ve been trying to figure out how to truly connect with the gaming community. I thought: “hey, I’ll do it through Twitch or YouTube. However, that’s no way to connect, because there’s all these delays…no…we need to do it.. LIVE!

As a special announcement Tickets are FREE! Only for a limited time, though! Visit:https://live.gamershive.net/ to get your tickets today!

You can also join our gaming network at https://www.gamershive.com/!

Happy Gaming!


Check out where we’re gonna be coming up near your area! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!