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Nintendo Switch: What does this mean for eSports?

By now we’ve all seen the 3-minute long teaser for Nintendo’s next console: The Nintendo Switch (Codename NX). If you haven’t, then do us a favor and watch it now:

Looks awesome right!? No? Tell us why in the comments below. In my opinion, I really like the idea of the console, but it is too soon to tell. There isn’t much information on the system yet, so we’ll have to wait until we get more before we make any final decisions.

It’s all about portability and gaming on the go.

According to the press release that accompanied the video, one thing is obvious, portability. Nintendo was thinking about taking your full home console on the go, whether it’s going to a park, on the airplane or completely ignore your friends at a party you get invited to.

The press release mentions that you will be able to connect multiple Nintendo Switches (It’s that the plural?) together to play on the go with your friends, or if you run an eSports team, your team can meet up at totally not creepy warehouses and possibly get arrested for trespassing and train together by drawing “X”s  and “O”s  on a giant notepad.

One thing that we really need to ask ourselves is how the game library will be. Nintendo listed a ton of partners for the system, but  we won’t know much about what all these companies are doing and how they  like this new system. I personally welcome the new system as it looks like it has some great potential. Definitely, will make those flights less boring, that’s for sure.

All joking aside, the new Nintendo Switch seems to be targeting a more adult audience and it seems that Nintendo is seeing the potential of taking their games and making them more competitive. I can definitely see this in new types of tournaments for Splatoon, Super Smash Bros (Can we get one for this system too?), Street Figther, or perhaps other contenders? Can we get another Nintendo World Championship?